What problems can psychoanalytic psychotherapy help with?

Many problems or difficulties bring people into therapy. The most common difficulties are:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Relationship problems
    • Bereavement and other losses
    • Traumatic experiences
    • Childhood sexual abuse
    • Other difficult early life experiences
    • Struggles with life transitions
    • Feelings of emptiness and hopelessness
    • Struggles at work
    • Suicidal feelings
    • Sense of loneliness or alienation

Sometimes people seek out therapy because life has lost its meaning, or a person feels stuck in relation to their adult development and relationships.

Is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy always Long-term?

Occasionally it is possible to work in a short-term contract in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, usually 16 weeks or 6 months. This is helpful when there is a focused problem that can be explored in relation to an underlying difficulty. For example someone may experience a bereavement that is proving hard to process, and this may connect with earlier struggles in that person’s life.
Some people come into therapy as part of a training experience as personal therapy is central to the training of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapists.